70 photos


These images are superimposed digital photographs of specific journeys. Opacity adjustments on each layer create a composite image where details dissipate and meld to produce an image with faint traces of each singular photograph, creating an implied sense of the cumulative journey. Much like a short film compressed to a single frame, details disappear and in their place only an impression persists.

It started in 2006—a road trip from Michigan to Idaho. I mounted a camera to my rearview mirror post and pointed it forward, using the windshield as a framing device. 4,200 miles and 300 photographs later, the images were layered and composited (superimposed) in Photoshop, the opacity of each individual photograph lowered to a point where each one was barely perceptible, and together they formed a vague impression of the road, horizon and sky. The cumulative image suggested motion similar to an extended exposure—for me, an interesting visual representation of movement through time and space, a contradictory result of the characteristic photographic record of a static-fraction-of-a-second/highly detailed lens-based image.

Click the link below to see a short video comprised of the 2500 individual photographs that comprise the image America 2008:
FallAmericaArches National Park, UtahAustin, TexasThree BeachesCanadaGrand Rapids, MichiganDaytona Beach, FloridaWyoming, MichiganDenver, ColoradoHighway PassingJacksonville, FloridaKentuckyLouisville, KentuckyMaineMichiganMichigan NightMidland, MichiganMt. Pleasant, MichiganNebraska