60 photos

Public Places
These images date back to the beginnings of my work in photography and are heavily influenced by the usual suspects: Cartier-Bresson, Winogrand, Friedlander, Frank, et al. One shoots much film, working to anticipate that-which-we-cannot-precisely-see and, occasionally, visual rewards result.
London, England ILondon, England IILondon, England IIIBlack Rock City, Nevada IBlack Rock City, Nevada IICabo San Lucas, MexicoCheyenne, WyomingChicago, Illinois IChicago, Illinois IIDetroit, Michigan IDetroit, Michigan IIEl Paso, TexasGalveston, TexasGrand Coulee Dam, WashingtonHollywood, California IHollywood, California IIHollywood, California IIIHollywood, California IVHollywood, California VHoughton, Michigan I