53 photos

These images are superimposed digital photographs of circular journeys. Opacity adjustments on each layer create a composite image where details dissipate and meld to produce an image with faint traces of each singular photograph, creating an implied sense of the cumulative journey. Much like a short film compressed to a single frame, details disappear and in their place only an impression persists.

It started in 2006—a road trip from Michigan to Idaho where I used camera to frame and photograph the journey. I layered those horizontal images into a single image that emphasized automobile travel throughout the U.S. In 2009 I traveled to Europe and, in response to the narrow streets and grand architecture, rotated the camera vertically and layered those images. From there it was natural to continue accumulating photographic assets from journeys wherever and however I moved through space, often pointing the camera upward, downward, sideways--always compositing the results to create a sense of movement and experience.

'Walking in Circles' converts the journey from linear to circular; without visual references, one lost in a desert, forest, etc. travels in circles. In this series I attempt to translate the metaphor of walking in circles--anywhere and with subjects ranging from the mundane to the marvelous--into a reflective, meditative visual narrative.
Seven Foot Knoll LighthouseLudington LighthouseGrand Haven LighthouseBeaver Island Harbor LighthouseBeaver Island South LighthouseCharlevoix LighthouseLeelanau Point LighthouseOld Mission Point LighthouseMt Pleasant TowerTindeco StackImperial StackPower StackSmokestackSecurity CamerasDublin SpireFire Department/Public Works BuildingLa Grande VitesseSky BoundCloudGateTorre II