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Composite Portraits
These images are superimposed digital photographs of individuals or specific communities. Opacity adjustments on each layer create a composite image where details dissipate and meld to produce an image with faint traces of each singular photograph, creating an implied sense of the cumulative person/people.
Clare Community PortraitMount Pleasant Community Portraits (Four Variations)Mount Pleasant Community Portraits (Combined)Beaver Island Community PortraitFifteen ArtistsArt StudentsArt Students - VariationsMedical StudentsStudent Community Portrait 1Student Community Portrait 2Student  Community Portrait 3Family of FourEnd the Silence (from Community Campaigns Project)Kiss and Makeup (from Community Campaigns Project)Spoontember (from Community Campaigns Project)Black Lives (from Community Campaigns Project)Freedom to be (from Community Campaigns Project)Danni RowlandSteve BarberBill Murray